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About Us

Think Health, think Fitness, think KORE Fit Living; the Retail and E-commerce Chain of Modern Health Boutiques that has set itself out to build consumer awareness on the importance of Living a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle!

The first-ever KORE Fit Living Boutique was unveiled in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on the 1st of February 2011. Within the same year, we expanded our operations into the Provinces of British Columbia and Quebec. In our Boutiques, you will find a large selection of:

• Highest Quality / Brand-Name Vitamins, Supplements & Sports Nutrition Products
• Fitness, Athletic & Urban Apparel
• MMA Training Equipment & Fight Gear
• Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Accessories
• The PIT - Our Fitlicious' Nutrition Bar Serving Healthy Smoothies & Shakes

With our Strong TEAM, we are dedicated to:

• Bringing Healthy and Fit Living within easy reach of the common man
• Offering only Highest Quality, Certified Products and Impeccable Customer Service
• Providing simple, easy to practice exercise and healthy eating tips by well-known role models
• Expand on our network of Certified Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Sportsmen/Women, Medical Advisors & more.
• Empowering consumers to be part of a Global Community of Fit & Healthy People, "The KORE Society"

KORE Fit Living takes pride in offering unlimited opportunities to like-minded individuals to be part of our growth where 'Service before Self' is the motto. The next step will see us growing into newer markets while strengthening our alliances with visionary entrepreneurs who wish to take part in carrying the KORE Fit Living banner.