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The biggest and most valuable asset any business organization can ever have at its disposal is its manpower. KORE Fit Living is one of the Premier Employers in Health and Fitness field that has come to revolutionize the industry by ensuring that all manpower everywhere is on top of its game always!

Since the launch of our first and Flagship 'Modern Health Boutique' in Mississauga, Ontario, we have set up our strong foundation in Quebec and British Columbia as well.

Our current focus on consolidation of operations as well as immediate goals demands that we always be on the look-out for exceptional talent in various fields including, but not limited to Sales, Retail Management, Distribution, Supply Chain Initiatives & Vendor Relations, Accounting, Web Development, HR and more.

You are invited to send us your Resume for consideration and soon an appropriate opening occurs, we shall be pleased to invite you.

Meanwhile enjoy Living a Fit and Healthy: KORE Lifestyle!