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CEO's Message

As CEO and Founder of KORE Fit Living Inc., a Retail Chain of Modern Health Boutiques, I take pride in extending to you a warm welcome and would like to share a few thoughts. Our principles are based upon: Setting Time-Bound Goals & Achieving Them!

KORE Fit Living is born out of my own life-changing experiences resulting from timely advice and inherent value therein that helped me attain a major change in my physique. I went from being an extremely overweight teenager to a Fit & Healthy person. Today, I weigh 210Lbs, have lost more than 50% body weight, dropped 34" in waist size, and went from wearing size 6XL shirts to L. My shoe size also shrunk by 1.5 Points. The results I saw during the course of my weight loss (by incorporating a Nutrition & Exercise Plan as part of my daily routine) led to my keenness to enter one of the fastest growing global industries.

Growing up being an avid Wrestling Fan and Computer Wizard, glued to the screen almost 16 hours a day to becoming an Active and Physically Fit Entrepreneur, this industry and the people in it have given me a new meaning of life that I take pride in bringing to every single individual who cares for his or her own health, no matter their age.  

We at KORE Fit Living are on a mission to help you reach your goals in Living a Fit, Active and Healthy Lifestyle. Whether you're looking to Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Increase Strength or Just Stay In Shape... we've got the experienced TEAM of well-known Fitness, Bodybuilding & Sports Personalities to make sure you cross the finish line; by any means necessary.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
Passion, Purpose, Focus & Commitment can make any dream come true!

Jas Mathur
Founder & CEO Founder & CEO