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LiveWire Super Tea Now Available at Kore Fit Living Retail Outlets

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posted on December 31, 1969
Sep 18, 2013
LiveWire Super Tea Now Available at Kore Fit Living Retail Outlets
KORE Fit Living, a Company founded upon the principles of Living a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle is pleased to announce that it is the 1st North American retail outlet to stock LiveWire Super Tea, a 100% natural and super potent, premium Japanese matcha for energy, clarity and performance.

Historically, matcha tea was favoured by Samurais to prepare for battle and Buddhist monks prior to long periods of intense meditation, and it’s easy to see why:

LiveWire provides you a long lasting increase in energy and is extremely healthy with no additives.  Unlike coffee, the energy source of LiveWire comes directly from fat stores.  The combination of caffeine and EGCG (green tea catechins) stimulate fat thermogenisis, boosting fat metabolism by up to 4 times for 12 hours or more. This means that simply drinking LiveWire helps you burn more calories and reduce body fat. During exercise, this effect is boosted even more!

However, LiveWire Super Tea is more than an energy drink.  It contains high levels of L-Theanine, a mood enhancing amino-acid, which stimulates the alpha brain waves involved in states of relaxed heightened awareness and concentration.  It even promotes neurone growth improving memory and keeping you sharper.

The green tea catechins in LiveWire are some of the most powerful naturally occurring anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants soak up the harmful free radicals that are involved in ageing, and are a potential risk factor for cancer. They also enhance muscle recovery after training; reducing muscle soreness and increasing your long-term performance. LiveWire Super Tea even has more antioxidant power than spinach, broccoli, acai and even goji berries. It is one of the worlds’ most potent super foods.

All of the above make LiveWire Super Tea a wonderful addition to a healthy and active lifestyle.  Just 1 cup of LiveWire Super Tea is equivalent to 10-15 cups of standard green tea and whereas standard tea leaves are thrown away once brewed, LiveWire Matcha powder dissolves into water, meaning that all nutrients are consumed. It can even be shaken into cold water for an instant cold and refreshing boost.  

Not all grades of matcha are the same and LiveWire only use a premium grade specially grown and selected by our master tea tasters in Kyoto. Only the freshest top two leaves are hand-picked and stone ground to enhance active concentrations and freshness. From the farm, to you, we are committed to ensuring the quality of your LiveWire Super Tea.

One 40g tin of LiveWire contains 1 months’ supply of matcha (60 drinks) and is currently only available at KORE Fit Living and its official online partners: http://www.korefitliving.com/Shops.html