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Technology Empowers Fitness - KORE Fit Living and Sheru Classic Promotions join hands to Launch Digital Revolution in Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry

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posted on December 31, 1969
Jun 29, 2013
Technology Empowers Fitness - KORE Fit Living and Sheru Classic Promotions join hands to Launch Digital Revolution in Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry
KORE Fit Living and Sheru Classic Productions, in conjunction with KORE Society, are proud to announce the start of a Digital Revolution, providing ALL necessary Tools for Success to Amateur and PRO Fitness / BodyBuilding Athletes trying to establish themselves in-order to turn their Passion into Success!

Moving forward from our strong association with Globally Recognized Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts Institutions, Organizations and Athletes, KORE Fit Living is proud to bring forward an annoucement of its tie-up with Asia's Leading IFBB Pro Event Organizing Group; SHERU CLASSIC.

Sheru Classic is the result of unflinching faith and sheer determination of two brothers from a small township in Punjab, India. Growing up in England where Sheru, the younger of the two earned the top honor of Mr. London whereas Hemant Aangrish also won laurels both in England as well as in the U.S. Upon returning to India, the two brothers founded Sheru Classic five years ago and held their first public BodyBuilding Competition in the Year 2011. With rave reviews and strong support from all concerned, the 2012 event broke all records and enjoyed participation from countries as far flung as Japan, Iran and the U.S. Internationally Recognized BodyBuilders and Mr. Olympia Title Holders Phil Heath and Jay Cutler made it a point to be there as well. The ensuing boost has prompted them to look beyond the Horizon and help grow the brand to new heights. To get a better insight, please visit http://www.sheruclassic.com

Participants and Winners are offered Exclusive Bonuses, Perks and NOW a vehicle with the right tools and back-up support to succeed in today's day and age. Together, Sheru Classic and KORE Fit Living are keenly looking forward to forever changing the dynamics of Athlete Sponsorship, Endorsement and Recognition; while providing them access to unlocking multiple revenue streams.

KORE Society is an Online Entertainment Network and Integrated and Interactive Flexible Platform featuring a variety of Official Web/Mobile Sites for Athletes, Talents, Celebrities, Organizations, etc. These websites centralize sharing and distribution of Content, Multimedia, Tips, Tricks and Advice amongst one another. 2-Way Fan Interaction is also a key element. Its strength lies in the expert usage of Social Media and Internet Marketing tactics to build targeted traffic and grow the overall reach of the entire network. This project consists of multiple phases with new features and extensions to be introduced at regular intervals.

With Healthy and FIT Living being a LIFESTYLE that everyone want to adapt to, Mixed Martial Arts being the fastest rising sport, India being the 2nd largest populated country with over 137 million internet users, and Indians holding over 17% of the World’s total population, the synergy between KORE Fit Living and Sheru Classic to join hands and promote Fit & Healthy Living while bring added-value to enhance the global image of Fitness and BodyBuilding as a Competitive Sport is a no-brainer.